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#10. The Curtain Call:
The WWE hasn’t covered up what happened back in Madison Square Garden during 1996’s infamous “Curtain Call” as much as tried to underscore just how harsh they treated Triple H after he broke kayfabe to give his friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash a send-off from the WWF. By most accounts, Triple H secured Vince McMahon’s permission, but the backstage backlash from traditionalists such as Jim Cornette and Jerry Brisco forced McMahon to sanction Helmsley, almost resulting in his termination.

#9. A Botched Pedigree Led to a Lawsuit:
Triple H has had an outstanding track record of protecting opponents, but a miscued Pedigree saw enhancement talent Marty Garner suffer a neck injury. A lawsuit was filed, but the case was settled out of court, with various reports stating Garner put himself in the wrong position to receive the move, confusing it with another…

#8. He Admit He Used Performance-Enhancing Drugs:
Despite the WWE’s Wellness, Policy, there’s little doubt in many fans’ minds that some (if not many) of the WWE’s roster use performance-enhancing drugs to help develop their impressive physiques. Hunter has gone on record as admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs, something that’s troubling for a man who serves as the WWE’s Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative, and for a company that maintains a Wellness Policy against the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs…

#7. His Film “The Chaperone” Bombed:
While former WWE Superstars the Rock and Batista Hollywood stardom is the exception, rather than the rule for wrestlers trying to make it on the silver screen, that hasn’t kept the WWE from trying to create film stars out of its wrestlers. Unfortunately, Triple H’s film career can safely be called a dud, especially the WWE’s attempts to push him as a featured player. Although Helmsley had a supporting part in Blade Trinity, that’s the highlight of his silver screen career…

#6. He Married into the McMahon Family:
Triple H isn’t the first employee to marry the boss’ daughter, but his close association with the McMahon family has led some to question how much of Helmsley’s push was based on talent, and how much was based on his presence at the McMahon family dinner table…

#5. Burying CM Punk:
The WWE Universe couldn’t get enough of “The Straight-Edged Superstar” CM Punk, whether he played a heel or a babyface. Punk’s popularity was seen in the enthusiastic reactions he got from fans, as well as the incredible amount of merchandise he sold. Behind the scenes, Punk was unhappy with his push, with some sources claiming Triple H tried to bury him from his try-out to his last days in the company. Former WWE writer Court Baurer recalls…

#4. Helping Out in the Montreal Screwjob:
Although the details of the Montreal Screwjob would not be revealed until several years after it took place at 1997’s Survivor Series, the fans now know much more about who was involved and their respective roles. One such participant is Triple H, who was still an up and coming star, but who voiced his opinion when he learned Bret Hart wasn’t going to drop the WWF Championship in Canada…

#3. Stephanie McMahon’s Controversial Wedding:
The circumstances of Triple H’s kayfabe wedding to Stephanie McMahon are troubling, even for a fictional storyline. According to the story, Triple H drugged Stephanie and married her while she was in a barely conscious state (similar to the WWE’s current writing team). There were implications Triple H had sex with her as well, which would make this a case of date rape as well. While the storyline dates back nearly twenty years, it was disturbing then, and is even more disturbing in light of the “Me Too” movement.

#2. Chyna:
Triple H helped Chyna break into the WWF, putting in a good word for her to management after he and Shawn Michaels met her and watched try-out tapes. However, Triple H may have played a role in Chyna’s departure, with some believing he cheated on her with Stephanie McMahon while they were dating, and worked to ease Chyna out the door when her contract came up for renewal. Obviously Chyna’s subsequent downward spiral following her departure from the WWE can’t be blamed on Triple H, but his alleged cheating on Chyna with Stephanie McMahon is troubling, and would be seen as downright scummy by some.

#1. Katie Vick:
Long considered one of wrestling’s worst angles of all time, Triple H’s involvement in the Katie Vick angle has to be embarrassing not only for Helmsley, but the WWE and his family….

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