Kofi Kingston is currently enjoying the biggest singles push of his career, with some fans likening his situation to that of Daniel Bryan, an underutilized Superstar the fans forced the WWE to elevate to the main event. Although it’s too early to tell how Kofi’s career will compare to Daniel Bryan’s, there are some things from Kofi’s past the #WWE would rather brush over. Here are 10 Things the WWE would prefer the fans forget about #KofiKingston !


10. His Jamaican Background Was a Work:
Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah spent time growing up in New Orleans before moving to Boston, Massachusetts. Kofi was originally billed as a Jamaican native and adopted a Jamaican accent, much to his mother’s chagrin. In 2008, Kofi’s mom Elizabeth told the BBC that Kofi’s family didn’t move to the U.S. until 1982 , one year after Kofi’s birth, and that […]

9. His Name Was Originally Kofi Nahaje Kingston:
Kofi’s early days in the WWE saw him billed as Kofi Nahaje Kingston, quite a mouthful for wrestling fans (as well as announcers) to remember. The WWE wisely dropped his middle name, going for the more alliterative Kofi Kingston.

8. Randy Orton Killed Kofi’s Early Singles Push
Early on in his WWE career, Kofi got the rub from none other than John Cena when Kofi helped even the odds against the Legacy. This led to a program with Randy Orton that could have propelled Kingston’s career, but a botched move led to a Randy Orton meltdown. Wrestling lore has it Kofi was supposed to lay down and take a punt kick from the hot-tempered third-generation Superstar, but rose to his feet, forcing Orton to deliver an RKO instead. An enraged Orton can be seen yelling at Kingston in the ring, calling him “Stupid.” Reportedly, Orton complained to management, leading to the end of Kofi’s push at the time.

7. Kofi Has Had Singles Runs Before
Although Kofi Kingston’s name is synonymous with the New Day, Kingston enjoyed several singles runs before teaming with the New Day. While Randy Orton squashed what could have been a huge push for Kingston, the Ghanan-American star has had several secondary title reigns including four runs as Intercontinental Championship and three as the United States Championship. […]

6. Kofi Got into a Fight with Mr. McMahon
A lot of things go on behind the scenes in the world of professional wrestling, but thanks to wrestlers’ memoirs, fans often get a glimpse at some odd encounters. According to Chris Jericho’s 2014 memoir, The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea, Kofi Kingston got into a fight with Vince McMahon aboard an airplane after McMahon told Kingston […]

5. He Got Replaced at No Way Out 2009:
Kofi Kingston thought he’d hit the big time when he was told he was going to participate in the Elimination Chamber at 2009’s No Way Out pay-per-view. Kingston reportedly trained for weeks, devising and practicing highspots for his chance in the “Satan’s Structure.” However, the day of the show, Kingston was advised that Edge was going to attack him before the match, laying him out and taking his place. During a recent appearance on the Edge and Christian podcast, Kofi recalled his disappointment […]

4. He Was a Tag Team Competitor Long Before the New Day
The New Day has been around so long that fans often forget Kofi Kingston wrestled with other tag team partners, including winning tag team championships. In addition to his record-breaking reign with the New Day, Kofi held the WWE Tag Team Championship with Evan Bourne and also with R-Truth. In addition, he held the World Tag Team Championship with CM Punk. While the New Day took Kofi to a higher level, he had plenty of tag team success before joining forces with Big E and Xavier Woods.

3. The Big Show Cautioned Kofi Against Joining the New Day
During an appearance on Peter Rosenberg’s Open Late show, the New Day discussed how the Big Show warned Kofi Kingston about joining the group that would become the New Day. Big E recalled:
“So, when we were trying to get off the ground, Big Show would pull Kofi aside —so we’re within earshot – and say, ‘What are you doing with those two? […]

2. The New Day Bombed at First
The New Day have been around for over four years with no seeming end in sight for their popularity, but things didn’t look promising during their early days (no pun intended). Vince McMahon originally introduced the New Day as a faction that seemed to promote the positive of power thinking and who tried way too hard to connect with the fans. It didn’t take long before the fans turned on the babyfaces, appropriating their “New Day Rocks” and instead chanting, “New Day Sucks.” […]

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