GOLDBERG is one of those once-in-a-lifetime draws that the #WWE is sorely failing to replicate in today’s PG era. Though they seem to be all about his legacy today, there’s a lot about him that the WWE would love for you to forget, arguably starting from the recent main event of WWE Super ShowDown against the Undertaker.

If you want the real truth about #Goldberg, you have to look at these twelve things the WWE wants you to forget!


12. His Acting Career

Plenty of wrestlers try to act. Unfortunately, they can’t all be The Rock, Batista or even John Cena. While some have found at least some cult success, like Roddy Piper or even Steven Austin, most of them don’t do very much. In fact, they give it a quick shot and fade away. […]

11. His Attitude

This one’s a little tough because there are really two Bill Goldbergs. If you ever interact with him as a fan, Goldberg is a great guy – gracious with his time and always willing to entertain. If you’re a fellow wrestler, though, you might not be quite as fond of him.

He was notorious for not getting along with wrestlers even during his early days, which lead to a botched angle with Chris Jericho and an eventual physical altercation.[…]

10. His ‘Streak’ was inflated

Goldberg’s Streak is one of the most impressive gimmicks in modern wrestling. At a purported 173-0, he kept viewers glued to the television set during WCW’s height. Unfortunately, though, there’s a dirty secret here […]

9. How He Lost

Every good gimmick comes to an end, and so too did The Streak. It might not have been exactly real, but it was still a lot of fun. If you’re a modern viewer, you probably think that the winning streak ended in some kind of epic match, maybe with Goldberg passing the torch to a new superstar.

Nope, he got hit with a cattleprod.

Goldberg was in a World Title match with then nWo Wolfpac leader Kevin Nash, who was split from his friend/tag partner Scott Hall at the time. […]

8. His Background

Here’s the thing about most football players that come to the wrestling world – they’re not terribly successful. Some come in because they can’t make it in the NFL, while others come in because they’ve been injured. Most, though, aren’t exactly superstars when they walk through the front door. […]

7. His Lack of Drawing Power for the WWE

To be perfectly honest, this one is splitting hairs. Goldberg was a legitimate draw for WCW for several years, holding fan interest not only during the height of the company but also being one of the few legitimate draws when it was on its downturn. There’s not a single person who could deny that Bill Goldberg can put butts in seats.

The thing is, none of that happened in the WWE.

Goldberg’s WWE first stint was short, undistinguished, and underwhelming. He never really made it to the level he was at in WCW, both because there was more competition and because fans had cooled on his act by that time.

He did much better on his second run with the company, which unfortunately will forever be tainted by the botched match against the Undertaker at WWE Super ShowDown.

6. His Lack of Big Matches

Goldberg is a superb entertainer and a truly tremendous athlete, but he’s never really been a guy who could deliver on the big matches. If you look back on his career, even as short as it was, there are just not many matches that you can point at that matter. […]

5. His Feelings About Wrestling

If you’ve ever watched the WWE Hall of Fame, you know how much wrestling has meant to so many of the inductees. These are people who have made wrestling their livelihoods for decades not just because they’re good, but because it’s a passion.[…]

4. His Statements About WWE

Goldberg never seemed to like the WWE very much. He never had a kind thing to say about the company, usually complaining about the content of the shows and the way that the company was run. While this was obviously influenced by his role as one of the big faces of WCW, […]

3. Ending Bret Hart’s Career

Bret Hart is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He had it all, from the look to the charisma to the amazing talent. Though he suffered some setbacks after leaving WWE, he still had a lot of years left on him – at least, until he was put in a program with Goldberg.

All it took was an overly-stiff kick to the head to bring a legendary career to its end […]

2. His Role in WCW

The way that the WWE interacts with history is strange, to say the least. They like to take credit for much of wrestling history, but that’s something they just can’t do with Bill Goldberg. […]

1. WrestleMania 20


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