The Fiend is by far one of the hottest acts in WWE. After months of seeing Bray Wyatt in his creepy new guise as a children’s show host, his actual unveiling as the monstrous Fiend was a sight to behold.

As always though, WWE wants you to treat The Fiend like he’s a totally new character. Unfortunately, that means that viewers are going to have to forget an awful lot of what came before. In fact, there are definitely twelve facts that WWE absolutely wants you to ignore in their efforts to rebuild Bray Wyatt’s character from the ground up.

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Number 12. Bo Dallas

If there’s one long-running thing that WWE desparately wants to keep secret, it has to be the connection between its darkest Superstar and one of its silliest.

Yes, Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are brothers. […]

Number 11.His Real Dad

WWE loves nothing more than to talk about the pedigrees of its champions. If they’re even vaguely related to someone who used to work for the company, you can expect to see them pop up in video packages and get shown sitting up front for big matches.

That, unfortunately, is never going to happen with Bray Wyatt.

Bray is the son of Mike Rotunda, a wrestler that WWE fans probably know better as IRS. […]

Number 10. His Original Backstory

The Fiend is a pretty creepy character, but he’s nothing compared to the original flavor of Bray Wyatt. […]

Number 9.The Feud with Matt Hardy

Do you remember exactly why Bray Wyatt is The Fiend?

Probably not, and WWE would really like to keep it that way.

If you remember back a few months, though, you’ll remember that Bray Wyatt was in a feud with Matt Hardy. In a typically Hardy moment, Bray Wyatt was thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation to cleanse him of his demons […]

Number 8.Losing to the Undertaker

At one point, Bray Wyatt really looked to be the supernatural face of WWE. In fact, you can definitely look at The Fiend as a real continuation of that arc. He had the weirdly sinister gimmick, he had undefined powers, and he was supposed to be just spooky enough to give him an edge.

He’s the natural succesor to The Undertaker, right? […]

Number 7.Losing to John Cena

If you want to pick the exact point when Bray Wyatt lost his mystique, it was when he hit the John Cena ceiling. It was a terrible spot that took down a lot of other wrestlers (hi, Rusev!) and Wyatt just couldn’t overcome the WWE’s booking on this one.

Wyatt and Cena had a fantastic feud full of mind-games and cool gimmicks. […]

Number 6.Losing to Pretty Much Everyone

In fact, the big thing that isn’t going to be mentioned with The Fiend is that Bray Wyatt lost to pretty much everyone. He was a solidly mid-card force, even though he did get a token WWE title reign during that time. He wasn’t the guy that everyone was scared of – he was just another guy.[…]

Number 5.The Brief Face Turns

Another thing that WWE is probably going to try to get you to forget is all the times that Bray Wyatt almost turned face. If you don’t remember them, that’s fine – they barely happened, and they were almost certainly over by the end of the week. […]

Number 4.His Magic Powers

The Fiend is creepy, but he doesn’t do too much that’s out of the ordinary. Does he show up places that he shouldn’t show up? Of course – but so does everyone. It’s a trick of the lights.

At some point, the writers decided that Bray Wyatt should have magic. He could make little kids appear to sing his songs. He could use holograms. He had a magic chair that was maybe the source of his powers. […]

Number 3.The Wyatt Family

Not everything WWE wants you to forget about Bray Wyatt is bad. In fact, the Wyatt family was an absolute goldmine for a time, giving the WWE universe a force to be reckoned with and really raising the profiles of some great stars. Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, and Braun Strowman – to say nothing of temporary members like Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton – all helped to make an incredible group. […]

Number 2.The House of Horrors

The House of Horrors was one of the dumbest matches in WWE history. It was Bray Wyatt versus Randy Orton in a…house. Just a house. Not even a particularly scary house, just an abandoned house. […]

Number 1.Husky Harris

If there’s one single thing that WWE would love for you to forget right now, it’s Husky Harris.

You remember Husky Harris, right? The tank with the Ferrari engine? The fresh-faced young Bray Wyatt who was a part of the Nexus and barely made it through NXT? […]