#WWE has a long and storied history, and it loves to celebrate most of what’s come before. There are certain things, though, that Vince McMahon wants you to forget. Here are twelve SHOCKING facts that the WWE would love to see erased from their history books!



12. The Failed Spin-Offs

If you’re under the age of twenty, you probably don’t know about all of the failures that have been part and parcel of the WWE experience. The sheer number of things that Vince McMahon has tried and failed at promoting would boggle the mind, and most are only brought up as jokes in Network specials.

Sure, you might remember the failed (and soon to be rebooted) football experience that was the XFL, but do you remember the World Bodybuilding Federation? […]

11. Losing the Monday Night Wars

Here’s a big shock for newer WWE fans – the WWE was losing during most of the Monday Night Wars.

All of the shows on the network make it look like it was a close race, but WCW actually had a long unbroken streak of ratings wins against the WWE. Most viewers tend to think of the Attitude Era as what broke WCW’s hold, but the losing company actually did fairly well against the likes of Austin and The Rock early on. […]

10. Saudi Arabia

WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is, at best, complicated. The country has a long history of making moves that go against international human rights policies and there are definitely things about the culture that runs counter to what WWE claims to represent on television […]

9. The Nexus

Remember The Nexus?

You know, that awesome group of younger wrestlers with luminaries like Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk? You know, the group that tried to take over the WWE and was a perfect place to build up new stars like Husky Harris (aka Bray Wyatt) and Skip Sheffield (aka Ryback)? […]

8. Risky Angles

It’s easy to say that the 90s were a different time, but WWE took it to a totally different level than most companies. It’s not just that characters like Golddust are insensitive by modern standards, it’s that the WWE delighted in throwing out segments and using language that would get it boycotted today.[…]

7. R 4 c 1st Gimmicks

Here’s another fun one that the WWE doesn’t want you to remember – its history of being way behind the times when it comes to race. We’re not just talking about the various Native American characters played by white dudes or the terrible gimmicks of headhunters or even Akeem the African Dream.

No, we’re talking about when the hottest angle in the WWE was about a fully-fledged race war.

The Nation of Domination vs. Disciples of Apocalypse vs. Los Boricuas […]

6. The Invasion

WWE really loves to talk about how it beat WCW. What it doesn’t want to talk about is how badly it botched the whole process of bringing the two companies together.

WWE wanted WCW to be its own brand, but it had problems from the beginning. The big names sat out their lucrative old contracts and the smaller names had big trouble in the locker room, leading to an angle that literally had major WWE names representing the WCW side of the Invasion. This is definitely one of those things that the WWE would love to sweep under the rug.

5. CM Punk

Love him or hate him, CM Punk had a huge following in WWE. He was not only involved in some great matches, but even his promo segments are still among the most watched on Youtube. He’s a guy who had it all, until he walked away from the company due to dissatisfaction with how he was used and how his health issues were handled.

Since then, WWE has gone out of its way to minimize Punk’s role. That means ignoring one of the longest title reigns in modern WWE history and his excellent feud with John Cena. […]

4. Women’s Wrestling

Women’s wrestling is a big part of the business these days. The company’s hottest star is Becky Lynch, women have their own pay-per-view, and the WWE goes out of its way to talk about the Women’s revolution every chance they get. Obviously, then, WWE wants you to remember the long and storied history of Women’s Wrestling in the company, right?

3. The Trial

1994 was not a great year for pro wrestling. A WWE-affiliated doctor was accused of providing enhancements for various wrestlers, and it was implied that he did so under the direction or blessing of Vince McMahon himself. This illegal practice brought the company under the gun in New York, and nearly bankrupted WWE.

2. Owen Hart

What WWE doesn’t want you to remember, though, is that Owen’s demiaw didn’t stop the lackluster Over the Edge PPV. While the company did deftly cut away from the fall and certainly acknowledged what happened, it still made the utterly class-less move of continuing the show.

The show must go on, they say, but there are exceptions to the rule, and this was definitely the case.

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