Here are 10 reasons why LOGAN PAUL could be the next John Cena or Hulk Hogan! Be sure to watch till the end to know how likely we are to discover the chance of this really happening… 😉

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#10. He’s Got “The Look”:
The WWE has come a long way in promoting stars who don’t fit into its traditional muscleman look, but it’s a look they still embrace. Logan is tall and muscular, two traits that make him a viable contender for a run in the WWE – and keep in mind Paul apparently hasn’t had the training “supplements” used by WWE Superstars. As we shall see, Paul’s musculature and height are two of many attributes that make Paul a potential Superstar not seen since Hulk Hogan or John Cena.

#9. He actually can wrestle:
Logan is more than just a musclehead. Paul was a star athlete at Ohio’s Westlake High School including time as a wrestler and the dual role of running back and linebacker on his school’s teams. Paul wrestled in Ohio’s Division I high school championships and while he didn’t win the title, his participation shows he’s familiar with more than the basics of amateur wrestling. Although there’s no guarantee Logan’s amateur skills would translate into him becoming a good professional wrestler, it’s an excellent foundation.

#8. He Has Mainstream Exposure:
Logan Paul has shown an aptitude for working the mainstream media. At 18, he appeared on The Today Show, and that was just the beginning of his media appearances. Paul appeared on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Weird Loners, Stitchers, and other television roles. He’s appeared on film in The Space Between Us and had a deleted scene in Baywatch. These pale in comparison to the many web programs Paul has appeared in including his YouTube channel and YouTube Red such as The Thinning. The WWE loves any opportunity to get mainstream publicity and Paul could provide that along with a ready-made fanbase.

#7. He’s Attractive for the Female Demographic:
If the WWE wants another good-looking star, Paul is their man. There’s no doubt the WWE has been working to expand its female audience, as evident when it turned its women’s division into an athletics-based division rather than a glorified lingerie catalog. The WWE knows women enjoy eye candy as much as men, and Paul could be a welcome addition to their roster.

#6. He Connects with a Younger Audience:
Logan Paul appeals to the same youthful demographic sought after by the WWE. There’s a reason the WWE is TV-PG, it enjoys the corporate sponsors it brings in with said demographic as well as the audience buying its merchandise. Logan Paul appeals to a youthful demographic and would likely create the corporate synergy the WWE craves, bringing in more young viewers who want to see what the hip Paul can do in the squared circle.

#5. He’s Oozing with Charisma:
Charisma can take a wrestler with average in-ring skills and turn them into a Superstar. Anyone who’s watched Logan Paul’s vlogs or seen him in TV and film roles knows he has the unquantifiable “it” factor that can make a WWE Superstar into a household name. Hulk Hogan and John Cena both oozed with charisma, allowing them to get away with limited wrestling skills. Paul succeed likewise, but he has the potential to do more in the ring than Hogan or Cena.

#4. He’s a Merchandising Machine:
While television rights are still the cornerstone of the WWE’s business, merchandise plays an important role in the company’s revenue and the revenue of its Superstars. Paul has shown a knack for marketing his personal brand, something he did when he launched his own line of “Maverick” clothing that added more money to his personal empire.

#3. His Vlogs Reflect His Ability to Cut Good Promos:
Not only does Paul possess charisma, but he has the gift of gab. Although the WWE meticulously scripts its wrestlers’ promos, it’s obvious when wrestlers can’t string two sentences together – hence Brock Lesnar having Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece.

#2. He Has a Great Work Ethic:
If he chose to follow professional wrestling, it’s likely that same passion would translate into a relentless pursuit of the main event. While drive is no guarantee of success, wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have shown how ambition and drive can overcome many obstacles.

#1. He’s Controversial:
In Logan Paul’s situation, he’s attracted controversy for some of his videos, including his parody song “No Handlebars” which the group Flobots accused him of stealing their song “Handlebars.” Eric Bischoff wrote of how “controversy creates cash”, but it`s safe to say that was just too much. The Attitude Era is long gone, and today`s WWE would have to tone down Paul’s act, something which might diminish his appeal.