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#10. Sin Cara vs Sheamus:
Sin Cara has developed a reputation for his love of fisticuffs outside the ring, so much we could easily write several more. For now, let’s focus on an incident involving Sin Cara and “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus. Reportedly, Sin Cara was being treated on a training table backstage when Sheamus showed up, ordering Sin Cara off the table as he considered him a lesser star…

#9. Big Show vs Khali:
This tussle of the titans went down after the Big Show confronted the Great Khali about “The Punjabi Nightmare” stealing his moves such as the Big Show Chop. Given that the Great Khali only had about three moves in his wrestling repertoire, the Big Show’s accusations seemed groundless. As you might expect, Khali took exception to the Big Show’s accusations and tempers flared. Things got physical when Show swung at Khali, and it was game on…

#8. Vader vs. Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff:
One particularly violent backstage altercation nearly ended in a fatality when two of wrestling’s most notorious hotheads collided. A miscommunication between Vader and Orndorff led to Orndorff giving Vader a verbal dressing down. Vader confronted Orndorff and the two came to blows. By most accounts, Vader slugged Orndorff knocking him down with Orndorff’s head bouncing off the concrete floor…

#7. Lesnar vs Angle:
This was no malicious fight but a battle of pride with the Olympic Gold Medal Wrestling Champion being challenged by newcomer Brock Lesnar, who boasted several national amateur wrestling titles in college. Some stories have it an amateur wrestling referee was brought in to make things as authentic as possible. What we know for sure is that Angle easily handled Lesnar, dominating the match and proving his superiority. While fans are not privy to the match, they did get to watch some great worked matches between the two later on in WWE rings.

#6. Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar:
2016’s SummerSlam main event between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton saw a bizarre finish where Lesnar busted Orton open the hard way, punching away until the match ended in a technical knock-out. Orton’s friend Chris Jericho saw this and confronted Lesnar after the match, uncertain whether the finish had turned into a shoot as according to Dave Meltzer, Jericho had asked backstage agent Michael Hayes if the finish was a work and received no reply…

#5. The Batista/Booker T Brawl:
Wrestling scuttlebutt has it Batista let his huge WWE push go to his head during his run on SmackDown!, with “The Animal” not only declaring himself the real draw on SmackDown!, but putting down his colleagues abilities. Booker T wasn’t buying it and delivered a fist-fed serving of humility to Batista. The 2006 fight is rumored to have lasted a painful five minutes, arguably reflecting Booker’s five world championships, and Batista received a black eye and cuts for his arrogance.

#4. Chris Jericho vs. Bill Goldberg – or, Don’t Believe Your Own Hype
As you can tell, Chris Jericho isn’t afraid to back down from anyone, proving himself deserving of the nickname “Lionheart.” When Jericho worked in WCW, he lobbied for a program with Bill Goldberg, only for Goldberg to dismiss Jericho as too small to be a credible opponent. When Goldberg went to work in the WWE, Jericho hadn’t forgotten Goldberg’s remarks and Y2J was a much bigger star in the WWE…

#3. Jacques Rougeau Performs Dental Surgery on the Dynamite Kid:
While the Dynamite Kid’s remarkable abilities as in-ring performer are still discussed today, his reputation as a wretched human being seems to have taken precedence. Whether Billington played cruel pranks on wrestlers, beat up rookies in the ring, and bullied anyone that caught his fancy, he became reviled among many of his peers…

#2. Shawn Michaels’ Not So Sunny Day with Bret Hart:
Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had much heat before the Montreal Screwjob as seen in the backstage brawl documented by author James Dixon. In his book Titan Sinking, Dixon chronicles how Hart and Michaels began on good terms, only for Michaels’ unprofessional conduct and Kliq-related political games creating friction between him and Hart…

#1. Invader #1 Stabs Bruiser Brody to Death:
While WWF announcer Gorilla Monsoon used to rail about wrestling’s various miscarriages of justice, this real-life miscarriage of justice is believed to have seen a wrestler literally get away with murder. On July 17, 1988, Bruiser Brody was backstage at a wrestling event for the Puerto Rican promotion World Wrestling Council…

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