Did you remember every single one of these JOHN CENA facts or the WWE was successful in DELETING some of them from your memory?

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#10: He’s Divorced
The road inflicts a tremendous toll on a wrestler’s body as well as personal relationships because they are away from home so much. John Cena married his ex-wife Elizabeth on July 11, 2009, subsequently divorcing her in July 2011. Fans weren’t surprised when John Cena said he would never remarry, but they were surprised when he popped the question to long-time girlfriend Nikki Bella at WrestleMania XXXIII.

#9: John Cena Slapped Stephanie’s Behind
The “Doctor of Thugamonics” was a much edgier John Cena than the “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” character he is today. John Cena cut a freestyle rap on the July 4, 2003 episode of SmackDown! That ended with him saying, “Nobody’s watching us Steph, why don’t you let me smack that …!”

#8: John Cena Was Teamed With Bull Buchanan
John Cena used Bull Buchanan as his enforcer during part of his run as a heel. Cena rechristened Buchanan B2 (or “B-Squared”), and while Buchanan was seen as helpful to Cena cheating his way to wins, Cena didn’t need him as he was already getting over with fans. The WWE brought Bull back in 2011 when Mick Foley hosted a “This is Your Life” segment for Cena, but the less said about that the better.

#7: The Short-Lived Mickie James Angle
In spring 2008, John Cena and Mickie James began flirting on-screen, with the WWE writing segments implying the two might have something going on. Rumor has it Cena and James were dating off-camera so Vince McMahon thought it might make for interesting television…

#6: He Buried the Nexus
There’s no denying the Nexus got a huge push and the group was presented as a bunch of rookies who could hold their own against established stars, even if it meant the numbers advantage. The Nexus seemed on their way to dominance when they squared off against Team WWE at SummerSlam…

#5: He Was in the Film Ready to Rumble
There’s not many reasons to watch the wrestling-related film “Ready to Rumble” unless you’re looking for some unintentional laughs thanks to an inane plot that spilled over into WCW with star David Arquette winning the WCW Championship. While there a number of WCW stars in the film, you may have overlooked a muscular blond man working out in the background during a scene where Bill Goldberg talks to character “Jimmy the King”.

#4: Cena Had a Habit of Getting His Dad Beat Up
John Cena’s dad wasn’t the first family member to become involved in a storyline, but you’d think John would have learned his lesson after his pops got beat down once. John Cena Sr., who works on the independent circuit as a manager, got slapped in the face when Edge paid him a home visit prior to his match with Cena Jr. at SummerSlam. That was nothing compared to when Randy Orton punt-kicked Cena Sr. on RAW. Just to make sure father and son got the message, “The Viper” beat up Papa Cena one more time, following a loss to Kofi Kingston. At what point should John have told his dad to stay home?

#3: Cena Was a Bad Friend to Zach Ryder
Pity Zack Ryder, a mid-card wrestler who worked tirelessly to get himself over on social media, only for the WWE to give him a lackluster push. Part of that push involved Cena becoming friends with Ryder, something which could have given Ryder the rub, but instead made him look like a jabroni. While Cena was feuding with Kane, the Big Red Machine…

#2: Cena Was Stabbed in a Storyline
Wrestling is a bizarre sport where wrestlers batter each other with various weapons, but generally never use guns or knives. Not so when the WWE wanted to write John Cena off TV to star in the WWE film The Marine. The WWE ran a storyline where Cena was stabbed in a nightclub by newcomer Carlito’s henchman Jesus. Cena was said to be critically injured, but eventually came back to get his revenge. This is one angle the WWE would like you to forget.

#1:The Five-Knuckle Shuffle Means What???
Long-time John Cena fans know the WWE has toned the character done tremendously, going so far as to rename his finisher the FU into “The Attitude Adjustment” and his submission finisher the STFU into the STF. Given the WWE marketing its product to kids, few are surprised by this. However, it’s puzzling that the WWE hasn’t renamed Cena’s move “The Five-Knuckle Shuffle”…

Like anyone else, John Cena has made mistakes, but there is no denying his enourmous contribution to the WWE or to the charitable causes he supports. He holds the title for the most wishes granted by a single individual under the Make-A-Wish foundation, and that speaks volume about the man behind the wrestler.

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