Which one of this #WWE superstars do you want to see back in 2019?
Do you think #EnzoAmore will be back after what happened at #SurvivorSeries?

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14. Rob Van Dam:
Given a wrestling arsenal that incorporated high-flying moves and a hard-hitting style while he worked in ECW and the WWF, it’s amazing that RVD is still competing, let alone doing so at a remarkable level. RVD returned to the WWE a few years back to help get younger stars over and give fans a bit of nostalgia. […]

13. Hulk Hogan:
And speaking of Saudi Arabia shows, the WWE has been slowly returning Hulk Hogan to the WWE Universe ever since sending him into exile due to the comments he made during the leaked tape. Earlier this year, Hogan made an apology to the entire WWE locker room, another step in the rehabilitation of his image. […]

12. The Rock:
Will 2019 be the year that the Rock finally enters the WWE Hall of Fame? With Undertaker being touted as a possible entrant, don’t expect to see two top names inducted in one year. That’s not to say we won’t be seeing “The People’s Champion” back in the WWE come 2019 […]

11. Batista:
Dave Batista’s appearance at the SmackDown 1000 special seemed to set the table for one last match by “The Animal.” Over the last few years, “Big Dave” has teased wanting to do a retirement match at WrestleMania and a bout against longtime nemesis Triple H makes sense. The Evolution reunion at SmackDown 1000 teased some tension when Batista remarked that Triple H has never beat him in a singles match. […]

10. Wade Barrett:
Arguably one of the biggest disappointments in terms of pushes, Wade Barrett went from being right on the cusp of the WWE mountain as leader of the Nexus, only to get kicked off the top by John Cena. […]

9. Juice Robinson:
If the name CJ Parker doesn’t ring a bell, then you probably aren’t a regular viewer of NXT. This grappler worked putting people over in NXT, playing a character devoted to increasing public awareness about the environment. […]

8. Carlito:
During its most recent quarterly shareholder meeting, the WWE hinted that its ultimate goal is to have performance centers throughout the world, helping to train Superstars from the world over, and presumably make further inroads into international markets just as they’ve done with their NXT UK brand. […]

7 and 6. Enzo Amore & Big Cass:
The “Realest Guys in the Room” were over like Rover, but both rising Superstars’ egos got the best of them, resulting in first Enzo being released, then Big Cass. Nonetheless, the WWE had big plans for both Big Cass and Enzo after breaking them up and it’s likely they still do. With Roman Reigns taking some time off, Big Cass would make a great addition to the main roster while Enzo could continue his work on 205 Live, presumably adding some charisma to the product. […]

5. Chris Jericho:
Fans may be wondering how Y2J can squeeze any time into his schedule for WWE appearances in 2019 if it proves as busy as 2018 has been. Whether it’s a heavy touring schedule with Fozzy, his Chris Jericho Rock-N-Wrestling Rager at Sea wrestling cruise, or his current run in New Japan Pro Wrestling (where he holds the IWGP Intercontinental Championship)[…]

4. Alberto Del Rio:
Like Carlito, Alberto Del Rio is a WWE Superstar with international appeal in markets such as Mexico. While Del Rio has had an adverse relationship with the WWE, he’s always in demand and rumor has it he’s met with WWE officials this year to discuss a possible return to the company. […]

3. John Morrison:
John Morrison’s WWE career lost a step when he and the Miz split up their acclaimed tag team to work on separate rosters. However, Morrison has earned accolades for his work on Lucha Underground as well as his media appearances in film and television (including his current appearance on Survivor: David vs. Goliath) […]

2. Tenille Dashwood:
While her work in the WWE as Emma is best left forgotten, her current work in Ring of Honor’s women’s division strongly suggests she’s someone who could land back in the WWE, especially as their women’s division continues to grow. Dashwood is a good wrestler, but suffered from the questionable booking that has brought more than one Superstar’s career down. […]

1. Goldberg:
Despite his age, Bill Goldberg is the type of star the WWE can bring in for a series of matches to help boost a pay-per-view and draw some much-desired attention. There’s been talk of Goldberg returning to a WWE ring ever since his short run in the WWE from 2016-2017. Don’t rule out a WrestleMania or SummerSlam experience […]

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