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#10. Ric Flair:
In his autobiography, Flair recalls downing numerous Whoppers and gallons of milk with Olympic strongman Ken Patera, but while Ken turned the calories into muscle, Flair turned the calories into fat. At one point, Flair asked Dusty Rhodes if he could be his storyline cousin, but Rhodes suggested he pursue his own identity. Flair didn’t lose any weight until his fateful plane crash that nearly ended his career. Flair lost the flab and underwent an amazing transformation, becoming “The Nature Boy” that made him a household name during the 80’s.

#9. Ivan Putski:
Longtime WWF fans or fans who watch the WWE Network will recall WWE Hall of Famer Ivan Putski. Fans used to Putski’s highly-chiseled physique in the 80’s might be surprised to see what the Master of the Polish Hammer looked like during his early run, as Ivan sported a huge beer belly. Putski toned up, lost the gut, and went on to win the WWF Tag Team Championship with Tito Santana. Putski, like many of the individuals on our list, could serve as a spokesman for fitness regimens with before and after pictures documenting his impressive results.

#8. The Rock:
Dwayne Johnson always maintained a healthy physique during his run in the WWF as “The People’s Champion.” However, when he entered the world of Hollywood, Johnson lost some of his mass, reportedly dropping to around 230 pounds. Over time, Johnson decided to go for a bigger look as an action star and now looks bigger than he ever did during his wrestling career. Johnson would probably put most of the WWE roster to shame if he stepped back into the squared circle with his current look.

#7. Scott Steiner:
In 1991, the Ultimate Warrior returned with a somewhat different look and physique that had some fans speculating the original Warrior had died and been replaced by a double. Given the fans’ imagination, it’s surprising a similar rumor didn’t pop up when the long-haired muscular Scott Steiner of the Steiner Brothers went into singles competition as “Big Poppa Pump,” undergoing a transformation in 1998 that seemed only possible by gamma rays.

#6. Jinder Mahal:
Jinder Mahal was just another face in the crowd during his run in WWE as the Great Khali’s storyline in-law and his lackluster stint in 3MB. However, after his WWE release, Mahal came back with a ripped physique that complemented his already impressive 6’5” height. This led to an unexpected and controversial reign as WWE Champion in 2017 and anyone who knows Vince McMahon’s love for big men in the ring can see how “The Modern Day Maharaja’s” career was helped by his amazing transformation.

#5. Scott Hall:
Scott Hall’s physique was instrumental in the American Wrestling Association signing him to the promotion after Verne Gagne lost muscleman Hulk Hogan to the WWF. After leaving the AWA, Hall maintained a healthy physique through his run in the WWF as Razor Ramon, and as a founding member of the New World Order in WCW…

#4. The Big Show:
Early in his WWE run, Big Show was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling due to his weight getting out of control and affecting both his health and in-ring performance. Paul Wight initially lost weight, only to gain it back, looking worse than ever. Following WrestleMania XXXII, the Big Show focused on losing weight and getting back into shape for the rumored fight against Shaquille O’Neal at WrestleMania XXXIII. Although that match never materialized, the Big Show lost weight and was able to put on a great series with Braun Strowman over the summer of 2017.

#3. Mick Foley:
“Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy” used his girth to his advantage during his wrestling career, but over time it became a liability rather than an asset. When Foley wrestled his hardcore style, his added padding made it safer for him to take bumps that might more easily harm a leaner wrestler. When Foley retired from the ring, he seems to have realized it was time to lose some weight and he did, enlisting the help of the miraculous DDPYoga system.

#2. Sunny:
In 1995, Tammy Sytch took the WWF by storm as Sunny, a sexpot as hot as her nickname and a woman whose risqué photos nearly broke the Internet as fans eagerly downloaded every photo they could of her…

#1. Jake “The Snake” Roberts:
Jake Roberts is a man who is lucky to be alive—let alone in good shape after decades of alcohol and drug abuse tore at his mind and body. As documented in the must-see documentary The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, Roberts protégé Diamond Dallas Page extended a helping hand to Roberts, who seemed to be circling life’s proverbial drain…

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