Life of the road can be tough on wrestlers. One of the most time-honored ways to relax isn’t all that relaxing, though. Wrestlers are big on pranks, targeting both friends and enemies alike to get a laugh. There have been hundreds of legendary pranks over the years, but the ten below are among the best ever pulled by #WWE wrestlers.

10. Ex-lax Attack

Curt Hennig, aka Mr. Perfect, is a name you’ll see again on this list. A legendary wrestler, he definitely had a mean streak when it came to the #pranks . In this case, his target was the legendary Yokozuna, a wrestler known for his massive size. Unfortunately, this prank was one that made everyone suffer. […]

9. Plane Mean

The next prank on the list involves a plane, but it’s much more innocent than number ten. This one stars Booker T as the victim and Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs as the perpetrator. This one’s a bit of good clean fun – although it did make quite a mess. […]

8. X-Pac Problems

X-Pac always had his issues backstage and his idea of a good prank was very different than most of the boys in the back. His definition of humor definitely ran into the toilet, a space that he seemed determined not to use if he could find a way to make other wrestlers miserable. When X-Pac had to go, it seemed like other superstars were always the target. […]

7. An Embarrassing Suplex

Wrestling involves putting a lot of trust in your fellow athlete. It’s very rare for wrestlers to actually take advantage of that trust, but it’s something that does happen. Luckily, most of the wrestlers who break the trust do so for one reason and one reason only – because doing so is just too funny to pass up.

The perpetrator here is Bob Holly, notorious for his old-school attitude and being a bit of a bully. His victim was perpetual punching-bag Al Snow […]

6. Fuji Food

Mr. Fuji was a classic heel manager in WCW and WWE, playing the role of underhanded handler in the ring and major prankster behind the scenes. This particular prank was literally sickening to many, but it was definitely a classic.[…]

5. Phone Line Hi jinks

One of the absolute worst angles of the Attitude Era involved Al Snow and The Big Boss Man. The feud was over the former’s dog, Pepper, and it ended with one of that era’s worst matches. Even a bad angle can lead to a great prank, though, as this particular story proves. […]

4. Coach and the Cops

Jonathan Coachman is one of the WWE’s better-known announcers and made his crossover to legitimate sports. Like every WWE talent, though, he started on the bottom of the pecking order. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Vince McMahon himself decided to bring in the new announcer with a major prank. […]

3. Cucumber-Taker

The pranks on this list have ranged from the truly depraved to the legitimately funny, but this one is probably the weirdest. It involves one of the most intimidating legends in the business, a harmless vegetable, and some well-timed revenge.

Undertaker is a living legend to most, and during his heyday he was managed by the incomparable Paul Bearer. While Undertaker was fond of pulling pranks on Bearer, Bearer usually let the pranks slide.[…]

2. Bed Cookies

This one is from back in the old days of WCW, but it stars two WWE legends. In the earlier stages of their careers, Mick Foley and Diamond Dallas Page were friends and travel companions. While the two get along very well today, they definitely stopped travelling for a reason. […]

1. The Ultimate Smell

While the WWE might have mended fences with the Ultimate Warrior shortly before his death, that didn’t mean that he got along with many of his fellow wrestlers. […]

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