It’s difficult to recall when a #WWE Superstar has been as over as #BeckyLynch , with “The Man” undeniably being the promotion’s biggest star. While we wait for WWE Fastlane 2019 to start, here are 10 things the WWE would like you to forget about Becky Lynch!


#10. Her Days as an Irish Dancer:
Anyone who doubts that WWE Creative is an oxymoron need to look no further than the so-called gimmick they gave Becky Lynch when she debuted in NXT. Falling back on professional wrestling’s tradition of breaking down a person’s essence to their national identity, Ireland’s Becky Lynch danced an Irish Jig because as we all know, all people from Ireland either like to dance and/or fight – see Dave “Fit” Finlay’s days as “The Belfast Brawler” in WCW and his endless fights in the WWE. […]

#9. The WWE Tried to Cover Up Her Accent:
As Tony Schiavone has stated on his podcast, What Happened When, and perhaps explaining all the terrible angles Jim Ross has been put through, Vince McMahon isn’t a big fan of announcers with Southern accents, nor was Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn happy with Lynch’s Irish accent. Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio Live commented that Dunn didn’t like it and some speculated this led to Lynch’s promo time being decreased. Undaunted, Lynch had some fun with the rumor and tweeted, “For those who didn’t understand my accent what I said was, Smackdown. Alexa. Glasgow. Face. Slapped. Off. Her”. You can be sure Becky’s having the last laugh now. […]

#8. She Was in a Faction With a Controversial Name:
Becky Lynch debuted on the main roster at a time when the WWE was working hard to push its women’s division as skilled wrestlers rather than lingerie models. With Stephanie McMahon pushing this agenda as “The Women’s Revolution,” Lynch’s alliance with Paige and Charlotte looked like a great opportunity for her to get the proverbial rub. […]

#7. That Creepy Kiss from Ric Flair:
Becky Lynch and Charlotte’s history goes back to their days in NXT and continued through “The Irish Lass Kicker’s” earliest days on the main roster. In 2016, Lynch battled Charlotte for the Divas Championship at the Royal Rumble. […]

#6. Her Mediocre Reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion:
After being drafted to SmackDown in 2016, Becky Lynch set her sights on the blue brand’s new Women’s Championship. Lynch squared off against Carmella, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella, and Natalya in a Six-Pack Challenge to become the first champion. […]

#5. Her Days as La Luchadora:
After dropping the belt to Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch employed the unorthodox tactic of assuming a new identity as the mysterious masked grappler known as La Luchadora. La Luchadora challenged SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss during an episode of SmackDown, defeating “Little Miss Bliss” in a non-title match. […]

#4. Her Awful Appearance at WrestleMania XXXIV:
Before fans of “The Man” (or “The Man” herself for that matter) lock us in an armbar, we think Becky did a great job at the first-ever Women’s Battle Royal last year at WrestleMania XXXIV. […]

#3. Becky Was Originally Supposed to Be an Old-School Heel:
Many wrestling fans look at Becky Lynch’s current character as an anti-hero in the tradition of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, a Superstar who doesn’t care who they offend as they make their climb to the top. Whether it’s slapping authority figure Triple H in the face or ignoring the edicts of Stephanie McMahon […]

#2. She Wasn’t Wrong About Charlotte:
Ever expose someone as a phony only for people to ignore you until they too found out that person was a fraud? Turns out poor Becky knew what everyone else should have known as well—Charlotte Flair is a self-centered wrestler who’s willing to do anything to get and stay at the top. […]

#1. The WWE Always Wanted a Triple Threat at WrestleMania XXXV:
Ronda Rousey’s time in the WWE has been well-booked, with her undefeated streak creating an aura of invincibility that leads to fans wondering who might defeat her. Last year’s Survivor Series match between Becky Lynch and “Rowdy” Ronda had fans excited about how “The Man” would fare, but Nia Jax’s wayward fist knocked Lynch out of the match, leaving fans to wonder if and when Lynch would face Rousey. […]

An undeniable Superstar, Becky Lynch could conceivably become one of the greatest Superstars in WWE history. However, like any great star, there are some not so memorable moments the WWE would rather have the fans forget about ever happened. Just as Steve Austin’s later mega-success caused fans to ignore his “Ringmaster” days, it seems likely Becky Lynch’s less memorable moments will be the last thing on fans’ minds.

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