The 90’s were arguably the best time to be a wrestling fan. We started the year with the slow rise of wrestlers like Bret and Owen Hart, with a certain Shawn Michaels also looming on the horizon. Even thought the stars of the 80’s, like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage continued to be relevant, their reign atop would soon cease and both would eventually leave the company. WWE however, were in creative limbo. Gimmicks were unimaginative and boring and WWE entered one of their worst financial runs in the mid-90’s as interest trailed off their product. At the same time there was tremendous interest in one World Championship Wrestling. We then saw the attitude era kick in, and the rest is history. We all know the big names from this era, such as Stone Cold, The Rock, Sting, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall etc. But what about the more forgotten wrestlers? This is Wrestling Hub and today we will be looking at 10 Forgotten 90’s Wrestlers And Where Are They Now.

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