Ah, marriage. The ultimate expression of long-lasting love. Well, sometimes, because divorce is always an option. The world of professional wrestling is notorious for breaking apart even the strongest of relationships. The physically and mentally exhausting nature of the work and over 300 days of the year spent on the road result in people straying from their partners, or being unable to cope with the rigors of being on the road and managing a relationship at the same time. Hearing stories of Superstars cheating on their spouses to hook up with each other are a dime-a-dozen. Superstars such as Batista, Sunny and John Cena are just a few who went down the route of infidelity while on the road, but hopefully things will be different now. WWE is now home to a whole host of young Superstars who are just starting out in the business, that have the ability to prove that long-lasting, healthy relationships aren’t just an anomaly in professional wrestling. WWE has seen a number of its Superstars tie the knot over the last couple of years. Not every couple in WWE is as high-profile as The Miz and Maryse, or Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. Some choose to fly relatively under the radar, so let’s check out 10 wrestlers you didn’t know recently got married. We hope these marriages stick.

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