Triple H is gradually assuming more and more control over WWE programming, as Vince McMahon slowly steps away from the company. Even though he is now COO of the company, Triple H had a lot of pull backstage, even when he was an active in-ring competitor. Over the entirety of his career, Triple H has undertaken a number of projects that he hoped would be successful in WWE. Some have gone exactly according to plan, the most obvious being NXT. Triple H took NXT from a struggling wrestling/reality show hybrid and turned it into an all-wrestling product, with some of the greatest wrestlers from all over the world. NXT is the ‘developmental’ brand only in name, as it consistently churns out greater matches and better storylines than Raw or Smackdown Live. Triple H has had a number of successes over the course of his career, both as a wrestler and a backstage official. But we aren’t here to focus on those, so let’s check out the 10 things Triple H has done that have flopped.

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