Roman Reigns’ announcement on Monday Night Raw shook the entire WWE Universe to its very core. A humbled Reigns stood before us in the opening segment of the show. As he looked up at the crowd that gave him a typically mixed reaction, he announced that he had been diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 22, and despite it being in remission for almost a decade, it was back. As soon as he said that, the arena fell silent, as the WWE Universe around the world felt a mix of shock and disbelief. WWE always tried to bring elements of reality to their product, but something like this was unprecedented. A young Superstar, in the prime of his career had his career derailed because of a life-threatening illness. Regardless of people’s views of Roman Reigns the character, Joe Anoa’i the man was just someone doing what he loves. In a moment, the scripted world of WWE fell away and the harsh realities of real life stared everyone in the face. Reigns’ announcement was followed by him announcing that this wasn’t a retirement speech and that he would be back in time, but he would have to relinquish the Universal Championship. As he walked up the ramp, chants of ‘Thank you Roman’ echoed throughout the arena, as Reigns’ Shield brethren came out for the faction to do their signature pose, before Reigns embarked on a fight unlike any that can be fought in the squared circle. Reigns isn’t alone, as there have been a number of other Superstars in the past who have had to give up their Championships for unforeseen reasons. So, let’s check out the 10 times wrestlers had to relinquish their title due to injury or illness.

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