There is a lot to hate about WWE’s PG Era. When it was first introduced to the WWE Universe, no one had any idea just how far the company could fall over the next few years. WWE went out of its way to significantly water down its product, as it took away everything that made their product so compelling in the first place. The transition from a TV-14 rating to a PG era effectively neutered WWE programming and it has never really recovered since. The PG era found the company trying to enter more mainstream business, as it launched NXT, a weird competition show that was just, well, weird, before Triple H took over and turned it into the stellar product we have today. Regardless of the sheer talent in the WWE roster today, when it first made the transition to the PG era and said goodbye to the wonderful anarchy of Ruthless Aggression, it ended up hiring a number of ‘wrestlers’ who were hired solely for their ability to entertain, regardless of the fact that they couldn’t wrestle to save their lives. The PG era ended up turning into a waking nightmare for much of the WWE Universe, as it was subjected to a number of inept entertainers trying to pass off as professional wrestlers. Let’s check out the 10 worst wrestlers from the PG Era.

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