WWE is undoubtedly the biggest company in the world of professional wrestling, and in an ever expanding and evolving roster, there tends to be a lot of turnover. Wrestlers are seldom ‘gone for good’, as evidenced by Shawn Michaels recent return to the ring at WWE Crown Jewel, in Saudi Arabia. WWE is and always has been a highly competitive promotion that has had room for only the best of the best, with a number of talented wrestlers being axed for not meeting standards. Anyone who has been following WWE programming for the last few years knows that WWE loves to bring back former wrestlers to boost ratings and rarely deny popular former stars the opportunity to have a short stint with the company. Having said that, every former wrestler is not welcomed back to Vince McMahon’s promotion with open arms. These wrestlers have expressed interest in returning to WWE, but haven’t actually made the jump yet. So, let’s check out 10 wrestlers that want to return to the WWE.

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