It is practically impossible for a professional wrestler to maintain a stable relationship with their special someone. They spend months at a time on the road, and temptation arises all the time, whether it is in the form of a fellow wrestler, or just a chance encounter made during travels. We have seen innumerable instances of this happening in the 90s, where professional wrestlers’ Rockstar lifestyles got the better of them, leading to broken relationships, divorce and shattered families. While examples of broken relationships are a dime-a-dozen, we rarely talk about the other side of things; where Superstars have remained faithful to their partners despite long-term runs in the world of professional wrestling. Maintaining a relationship with a predictable 9-5 job is difficult enough, but things get infinitely more complicated when you are a professional wrestler. If you just listen to some of the stories told by someone like Ric Flair, it is obvious that temptation is always lurking around the corner, waiting to ruin a happy relationship. But despite all of their failures, there are still a number of relationships that worked, and thrived despite the hectic nature of professional wrestling. So, let’s focus on the nicer side of things by checking out 10 wrestlers who stayed in the same relationship their whole career.

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