We’ve all heard it before; Records are made to be broken, and the world of professional wrestling is no different. Every year, scores of records are broken, as Superstars surpass the achievements of legends of the past, to etch their own names in history, at least for a while, before the cycle continues on. Having said that, there are certain records that will probably never be broken, such as The Undertaker’s 21-match winning streak at Wrestlemania, or the legendary Bruno Sammartino’s 2,803-day long reign with the WWE championship. Records such as these are untouchable and will never be broken, with the Superstars of today coming nowhere close to touching the Superstars of yesterday. Having said that, there are still a ton of records in WWE that will undoubtedly be broken down the line, some that may be broken as early as 2019. Now, no one is going to beat Santino Marella for the quickest Royal Rumble elimination, because it is pretty much impossible to be eliminated in less than 1 second, but there are a massive number of WWE records that are very breakable, and they are definitely going to come under threat in the next calendar year. So, let’s check out 10 WWE records that can be broken in 2019.

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