WWE Stomping Grounds is probably the pay per view with the least amount of hype in recent WWE history. This has come in the middle of WWE’s post WrestleMania lull which seems to be getting worse as the years pass on. WWE cannot let up either, with All Elite Wrestling’s shows doing historic numbers for a non WWE show. Their latest ticket sales for All Out saw the arenas getting sold out in 15 minutes with a reported demand of 120,000 seats, which would comfortably make it the highest attendance for a wrestling show in North America ever. Stomping Grounds on the other hand looks like it will not be able to sell its venue out, as the show has been lagging in ticket sales. Despite this, Stomping Grounds is a PPV with some interesting matchups and has some possible swerves waiting for us. We have compiled a list of the major rumours about the show after the 17th of June edition of Monday Night Raw. We are the Wrestling Hub and today we will be discussing.

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