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#17. Charlotte’s Cornucopia of Cameos:
Charlotte Flair in WCW and at Ric Flair last WWE match

#16. The King and His Harem (WrestleMania XXX):
Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Triple H knows how to make a spectacular entrance at WrestleMania. Such was the case when he wrestled Daniel Bryan at 2014’s “Showcase of the Immortals,” donning an elaborate armored shoulder piece and cape for his character of wrestling’s “King of Kings.” Three lovely blondes helped Triple H remove his props, with fans wondering who these ladies could be. Sharp-eyed fans who watch the entrance now will no doubt recognize them as women’s champions Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks, quite the assemblage of future talent.

#15. Dean “The Druid” Ambrose:
The Undertaker is well-known for his entrances featuring the mysterious torch-bearing druids that accompany him to the ring. One wrestler who played a druid is Dean Ambrose, who joined the “Dead Man” at 2006’s Royal Rumble. On this occasion, ‘Taker made a surprise appearance to confront Kurt Angle after the Olympic Champion defeated Mark Henry.

#14. John Cena’s Entourage:
CM Punk as a gangster during John Cena’s entrance at WrestleMania XXII

#13. Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy:
Former WWF Women’s Champion Victoria got her start in the WWF as one of the Godfather’s valets

#12. Security Guards Sheamus and Wade Barrett:
A November 2006 RAW episode in Manchester, England saw D-Generation X brawl with Team Rated-RKO, forcing security to try and break them up. The WWE hired local wrestlers Sheamus and Wade Barrett to portray security personnel with Sheamus eating a Pedigree for his trouble.

#11. Daniel Bryan:
Speaking of security guard spots, Mr. Brie Bella (aka Daniel Bryan) had an early appearance on a February 2003 SmackDown! episode as a security guard trying to stop a streaking Brian Kendrick.

#10. MVP Security:
2004 saw the WWE’s resident Olympic gold medal winner begin his “Kurt Angle Invitational” where he put his gold medals on the line against local wrestlers who could last more than three minutes with him in the ring. Not leaving anything to chance, Angle had his own security watching over the medals closely. One security guard was future WWE Superstar Montel Vontavious Porter.

#9. Cesaro and EC3:
During the August 28, 2006 episode of RAW, Shane appeared in Atlantic City to confront DX about the duo’s repeated harassment of Vinnie Mac. Shane was flanked by security when he informed them they would be facing mystery opponents later in the evening. Said security turned out to be local wrestler EC3 (who would play Dixie Carter’s storyline nephew Ethan Carter III) and rising star Cesaro (known at the time for his work in Ring of Honor, Chikara, and Combat Zone Wrestling).

#8. The Young Bucks Play D-Generation X:
Back during the program involving “The Dirt Sheet’s” own Miz and Morrison vs. DX’s Shawn Michaels and Triple H, the Jacksons impersonated DX, giving the Miz and Morrison the opportunity to destroy them.

#7. Rob Van Dam Had His Price:
A young Robert Szatkowski appeared on WWF television, kissing “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase’s foot for $100

#6. Rosebud to Irish Lass Kicker:
Becky Lynch was one of many future Superstars to get a bit part as one of Adam Rose’s entourage collectively known as his Rosebuds

#5. Rosebud Simon Gotch:
Simon Gotch appeared as a Rosebud, donning a fez and a red-and-white striped bathing suit

#4. Sarah Logan:
Sarah Bridges earned a reputation as one of wrestling’s future stars as she rose through the ranks of Insane Championship Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Juggalo Championship Wrestling and SHIMMER as Crazy Mary Dobson. Now working as Sarah Logan in the WWE faction, the Riott Squad, fans may be surprised to learn she first showed up in the WWE as the Miz’ make-up artist during a September 2014 episode of RAW

#3. No Way He Was a Rosebud:
As incredible as it may seem, “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman played a Rosebud, donning a gladiator’s outfit for Rose’s ever-changing entourage.

#2. It’s Me, It’s Me, It’s DDP:
Diamond Dallas Page’s quest for wrestling stardom took many twists and turns, including a cruise through Toronto’s Skydome (now known as the Rogers Centre) as he drove the team of Rhythm and Blues (Greg Valentine and the Honky Tonk Man) to the ring for the debut of their new song, “Hunka Hunka Honkey Love” at WrestleMania VI.

#1. A Who’s That of Wrestling:

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