Brodie Lee dumps Eddie Edwards thru the ropes where Jason Axe catches Eddie unexpectedly with a sick somersault off the apron. What follows in one of the craziest greatest things i have ever saw. This is where the insanity begins!! Jay Freddie hits Brodie with a chin buster then suicide dives thru the ropes into Axe. Eddie Edwards gets back to his feet only to dive over the ropes onto Axe and Freddie. Crowd wants Brodie next!!! Special guest ref Isys Ephex stops him then hits his own over the top rope plancha. Bryce Remsburg comes out to restore order but Brodie’s not having it…Remsburg sent over the tope. Muscles Marcos and the shake weight and Brodie elevates him over the top onto the pile below. Finally its Brodies turn!! Brodie tripped by Jack Trades?? WTF!!! JACK TRADES!! THE CROWD EXPLODES AS HE CLIMBS THE ROPES AND LAUNCHES ONTO THE PILE!!! The locker room empties and proceeds to have a top rope extravaganza!!! Loca Vida , Kevin Graham , Studly Steve and just when you think the crowd can’t get louder former WWE star Carlito hits the ring and dives over the ropes. Next up Sean Carr and now finally Brodie…he gets stopped as 2CW commish Keith Harris hits the ring to end the madness. Finally Brodie can’t wait any longer and dives thru the rope hitting the pile. If you can’t beat em join em…Harris over the top!!! next out is Mikey? Followed by ZS3 as the crowd erupts in a JD LOVE chant…finally JD makes his way to the ring as the crowd goes wild….he lays out a few of the guys and then makes the long climb to the tope rope!! JD off the tope to end the insanity.