Wrestling cannot function without large and ostentatious belts t show that someone has achieved something. When wrestling started to become more of an organised entertainment product, rather than a feature attraction at circuses around town, belts were given to top stars and they would be proclaimed as the best. While WWE has gone from, at a pint in time, having just 2 singles titles and one tag team title to 8 singles titles, 3 tag team and 3 women’s titles, we have seen multiple belts over the years. The Attitude Era had tertiary championships for God’s sake. Throughout so many titles, there have been some amazing design choices and some horrendous ones too. Today, we will be looking at the positive as well as the negative. We are the Wrestling Hub and today we will be looking at the 5 Best Championship Designs in the WWE and the 5 Worst Championship Designs in the WWE.

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