Dave Bautista has recently been making headlines for his very public support of James Gunn after Marvel Studios chose to part ways with the director mired in controversy. With Gunn reportedly in line to write and direct the sequel to DCs Suicide Squad sequel, Bautista has been making waves again with his disinterest in staying with Marvel without Gunn and who knows, he might end up finding his way to the DCEU? Depending on how you see it, Bautista has a habit of eliciting reactions from colleagues and audiences, and it was no different when he was wrestling for the WWE as ‘The Animal’ Batista. He was maligned during his most recent run in 2014, arguably unfairly, and with Batista making his presence felt on WWE programming at Smackdown Live 1000, it remains to be seen if this run is smoother than the last time. During his full time run, Batista was accused of only being interested in girls and cars, and he reportedly rubbed a number of wrestlers the wrong way over the course of his career. But you don’t get to the top the way Batista did, without some friends backing you up, so let’s check out 5 wrestlers that Batista has real-life heat with and 5 that love him.

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