It’s time to let out your best Dr. Jerry Graham war cry, as the Mothership has touched down once again! This week on the 6:05 Superpodcast, The Great Brian Last is joined by popular co-host Kurt Brown (aka Vandal Drummond) for a super packed show, featuring:

– Part two of our conversation with Kevin Sullivan, going over Kevin’s turn to the darkside in Florida. Kevin explains how Gordon Solie and Blackjack Mulligan helped establish him as the lead heel after many years as a babyface. We hear the rationale behind some of Kevin’s interviews. We also discuss underrated bookers and Bob Roop’s attempts to steal promotions.

– In The News with Jim Cornette returns! This week, TGBL & Jim look at stories about Wahoo McDaniel, Mr. Moto, stolen wrestling rings & more!

– John Hitchcock makes his debut on the Superpodcast, sharing stories of the famed Front Row Section D in Greensboro. This week, John talks about the night that he and his friends christened the Four Horsemen with the name we all know them by!

– Popular segment “What If?” returns this week, with TGBL & Bix answering listener inquires about Paul Heyman, Jerry Lawler, Sgt. Slaughter, Barry Windham, Ricky Steamboat, Mid South & World Class!

Plus TGBL & Kurt talk about Dr. Jerry Graham, Manami Toyota, Don Muraco, Norman Dooley, Gene Kiniski & much more!



Book Of The Week:

Front Row Section D by John Hitchcock

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Time Stamps:

“What If?” with David Bixenspan (1:12:06)
In The News with Jim Cornette (2:06:03)
Front Row Section D with John Hitchcock (2:38:44)
Kevin Sullivan part two (3:12:39)

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