Added to the XWA Channel on EVE On Demand – Tea Party Massacre!

XWA-UK is one of the more bizarre, unique and yet equality driven wrestling promotions going today. From its “Equal Fights” series with us at EVE to the first ever meeting between Keith Lee and Daisuke Sekimoto to the violence and crazy of Kota Ibushi shooting fireworks onto his chest before before moonsaulting off the top of a car onto Jimmy Havoc and Cara Noir to this…. The XWA Tea Party Massacre!

Imagine Come Dine With Me but with wrestlers… That’s kind of what we have here.

One table full of an assortment of tea party based goodies such as sandwiches, biscuits and of course tea; 4 chairs ready for a potentially civilised conversation between a group of well behaved individuals and yet somehow this turns… Violent. Thumbtack cupcakes, anyone?

Watch the opening to the Tea Party Massacre right here and see the whole match in full as part of the XWA Channel on

Featuring: Jimmy Havoc, Lord Gideon Grey, Bull James and “Session Moth” Martina

Also featured on #XWA47 is the first ever meeting between Keith Lee and Daisuke Sekimoto!

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