Amira Blair vs The Villainess Skye Smitson – EVE (Women’s Wrestling)

Amira Blair vs The Villainess Skye Smitson – EVE (Women’s Wrestling)

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This kick in the thumbnail is important.

Sometimes it’s not just about what you see, but what you don’t see. During this match, Amira’s ankle gets injured and actually results in her missing some time following this match.

But showing just how tough she is, despite this only being her 18th match, Amira does more than gut her way through but seemingly summons Georges St Pierre who famously tore his groin midway through a fight and when telling his coach in between rounds received the reply of “I don’t care, hit him with your groin!”

That’s basically Amira Blair here. Injured ankle – no time for that, it’s a weapon she’s prepared to use. Guts. Effort. Determination. Toughness and more. All in a single showing… And against an always dangerous “Villainess” Skye Smitson!

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00:00 Amira Blair Entrance
00:37 Skye Smitson Entrance
01:24 It’s Promo Time!
04:28 Bell Rings

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