In a short amount of time, the matches between these two became legendary. Now, Absolute Intense Wrestling is proud to bring you the first AIW encounter between two of the most mind-blowing talents of our generation, AR Fox and Uhaa Nation, one on one, for free.

Coming at you from the loaded They Live event in 2011, Fox and Nation managed to not only steal the show with this contest, but become one of the most talked about rivalries in wrestling. The two were so evenly matched that AIW Management, to settle the score, booked a 30-minute iron man match between the two, a match that was altered when Nation went down to injury last year. As you can see here, the athleticism of AR Fox is unmatched by most in wrestling. The freakishly strong, surprisingly fast, amazingly agile Uhaa Nation, however, has a mix of skill and reckless abandon that is rarely seen in the sport. If you’ve only heard about what these two are capable of, then you’re in for something special. If you already know, then revisit one of the most exciting match-ups on the independent scene.

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