Awards Show 2020 | FULL SHOW

JANUARY 10, 2021: Each week, Championship Wrestling is presented by Pro Shingle – a professional roofing company. Welcome to our Championship Wrestling Awards Show, where Dustin & Maria Starr crown the very best of 2020!

We will have 3 nominees for each of 5 categories:

Dan Joseph had a successful run being our United TV Champion, until he ran into the odds against Levi Shapiro… and Howdy Price. We’ll take you back to the very moment where the People’s Champ became the United TV Champ!

PLUS | The war between Ray Rosas and SoCal Distancing was an absolute WAR. We’ll recap the twists and turns + take you back to where it all started… and how it came to an end.

AND FINALLY | The Women’s Division was the center of attention… and the center of DRAMA. We’ll recap all the highlights… and lowlights of how it all went down + who was triumphant in the end.

REMEMBER | Anything can happen on the FASTEST HOUR IN PRO WRESTLING.


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