Best of WCCW Wrestling #1

1. Jimmy Garvin vs Mike Von Erich 2. Michael Hayes + Terry Gordy vs Missing Link + Kamala everyone comes in + brawls Freebirds jump Von Erichs 3. Freebirds vs Missing Link, Kamala + Super Destroyer #2 4. Kevin + Mike Von Erich vs Buddy Roberts + Kiniski Kerry + Hayes go at it 5. Buck Zumhoffe vs Buddy Roberts 6. Kerry Von Erich video “eye of the tiger” 7. Jimmy Garvin vs Chris Adams Texas State U wild pull-a-part brawl before match with Precious + Sunshine 8. Butch Reed vs Chick Donovan Parade 1 9. Michael Hayes + Terry Gordy vs Kevin + Mike Von Erich Texas State U Parade of Champions 1 (10-12) 10. JYD vs Missing Link 11. Freebirds vs Fritz, Kevin + Mike Von Erich (Badstreet Match)(6 man title change) Hayes is a bloody mess 12. Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich (NWA World title change) 13. Killer Kahn vs Tony Torres 14. Super Destroyers vs Iceman King Parsons + Buck Zumhoffe (American Tag Title change) from Parade 1 15. Gino Hernandez vs John Mantell 16. Kevin Von Erich vs Michael Hayes Gordy + Kahn destroy Kevin 17. Iceman + Chris Adams vs Terry Gordy + Killer Kahn 18. Killer Kahn vs Pat Rose 19. Gino Hernandez vs Iceman King Parsons

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