CWA Championship Wrestling presents a classic 8-man tag team match featuring Bill Dundee, Steve Keirn, plus Rick & Robert Gibson versus Dream Machine (Troy Graham), Nightmare #1 (Danny Davis), and the Heartbreakers with Chic Donovan ringside. Special guest appearance by Jimmy Hart.

Some particularly tough and tenacious heels representing the First Family give our fan favorites a rough way to go today. Steve Keirn and the Gibson brothers perform well, but Bill Dundee gets pummeled until he’s nothing but a rag doll and appears actually desperate to get away from the heavy-handed thugs. It’s going so well for the First Family, I really don’t think Jimmy Hart will need to run in and use a cane or anything. 😉

Date: July 25, 1981
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Play-by-play: Dave Brown
Referee: Jerry Calhoun

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