Dave Brown introduces tape of Shawn Michaels versus Jeff Jarrett for the WWF’s Intercontinental Heavyweight title at the Mid-South Coliseum in which Brian Christopher gets involved. When Shawn Michaels accidentally super kicks the referee, Jeff slaps him in the sleeper. Suddenly, Brian Christopher runs in and comes off the top rope with a chain to nail Jeff, but Jeff is ready for it and takes the chain from Brian and clears him from the ring. When Shawn Michaels recovers, Jeff busts him with the chain. Oops, disqualified.

Has Brian Christopher gone too far this time? Probably so. But why did Jeff Jarrett, being the face, decide to use the chain? (Answer: So if they decide to develop the story and want to use the tape back in New York, roles can easily be reversed; Jeff will appear to be the heel and Shawn the face. Duh. Hello?)

After the recap of the match, Jeff Jarrett enters the studio and gives the first believable interview I believe I’ve ever seen him do. Seriously. He screws up every promo! This time though, he absolutely nailed it. Good one, Jeff.

Date: April 1993
Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Interview by: Dave Brown

From Playlist: “WWF Invasion vs USWA (1993)”
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