Intergender wrestling action as Brooke Danielle battles JustNeph from Warriors of Wrestling. Stream more WOW ➤

This is the new director’s cut version (available exclusively on Title Match Network) which includes new shots, extended footage, replays, cold open & audio edits, different from the original iPPV version.

Warriors of Wrestling “Warriors Unreleased Vol 9” is licensed/owned by Title Match Media LLC (Title Match Network) via Warriors of Wrestling.

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Where: Staten Island, New York
Promotion: Warriors of Wrestling
Event: Warriors Unreleased #9
When: Sept 2015
-1- Camera Shoot w/ iPhone
-Live edits provided by Warriors of Wrestling
-Post-edits were made in the Title Match studios via Premiere Pro CC
-Music: None
-Studio Rights: Title Match Media LLC (via Title Match Wrestling, Title Match Network) & Warriors of Wrestling

This is the director’s cut version of Warriors of Wrestling “Warriors Unreleased Vol 9”. This intergender match took place in Staten Island, New York and featured two WOW stars, Brooke Danielle & JustNeph.

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