So far announced for on Tuesday at 10 p.m.:* King Crab vs. Sonny DeFarge* Alec Price vs. Travis Huckabee* CC Boost vs. Maximilian ZERO* Saber Dorado w/ Phil Stamper vs. The Goon’s Myles Millennium w/ Big Dust* Nolo Kitano vs. The Whisper* Scramble: Cornelius Crummels vs. Kamen MK vs. Ella Shae vs. Jet Jaghori vs. Charlie Kruel vs. Athrun Amada* Hatfield and McCoy (Boomer Hatfield, Molly McCoy) vs. Love, Doug and Becca* Also featuring Julius Smokes, Bonesaw Brooks, Erica Leigh, The Goon’s Eel O’Neil, The Campground Athletic Commission (Johnny Moran, Skiff, and Ethan Wilde), Tommy Vecs, and more…including, of course, The Goon’s Killian McMurphy.
Check out sneak peak on Tuesday at 9:15 p.m. with Camp Leapfrog “Open Swim”, to give you a tease of “KillianVision”, featuring:
* The Shinobi Shadow Squad (World Famous CB, Ryan Mooney) vs. Lucas “Twitch” DiSangro and “The Bristol Lion” Markus Skyler* Francis Wright vs. Max ZERO* The Spoiler vs. Bonesaw Brooks w/ Julius Smokes
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