Championship Wrestling #34

NOVEMBER 23, 2019: Each week, Championship Wrestling is presented by Pro Shingle – a professional roofing company. Dustin & Maria Starr are back in studio for another episode of the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

As we head into Sunday’s Survivor Series Watch Party at Dave & Buster’s – the Reality of Wrestling TV Title will be defended in the Dave & Buster’s Match of the Week!

Here’s today’s scheduled line-up:

SINGLES GRUDGE MATCH | Dan Joseph has been waiting to get his hands on Ty Matthews ever since Matthews brought Joseph’s family into the mix. This week, Dan Joseph will get one step closer. He will square off with Ty Matthews’ charge Dicky Mayer!

INTERNATIONAL SINGLES ACTION | “Sorry” – but the “Cocky Canuck” Dan Parker is back this week for another international affair. This time, he takes on Kasai from Down Under!

TAG TEAM REMATCH | Last week, Pinx + Fidel Bravo defeated The Friendship Farm.. but not necessarily clean. Rematch is scheduled for this week + Super Beetle returns to be the corner man for Gentleman Jervis + Sweet Robin Shaw.

DAVE & BUSTER’S MATCH OF THE WEEK | Reality of Wrestling TV Title is on the line when Champion Will Allday defends against Ray Rosas! Does Rosas deserve this match? Does it even matter?


PLUS | We will hear from a very angry Howdy Price. After being absence the last few weeks, Rogelio has really gotten himself into a mess. This should be good!



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