Air date: 3-30-85

Jim Crockett takes over Ole Andersons Championship Wrestling from
Georgia promotion and the changes are apparent.

Interview: Ole Anderson

Magnum T.A. vs George South

Upcoming CWG cards

Ronnie Garvin vs Joel Deaton

I: Jimmy Valiant

Upcoming CWG cards

I: Tommy Rich

Some notes: This is the second to the last Championship Wrestling from
Georgia show. Gordon Solie had been replaced with (a rather bland, at
least at the time imo) Tony Schiavone.

There are some interesting comments made during the Garvin-Deaton
Apparently Garvin had lost the National title to Ron Starr but had the
belt returned to him because Starr used the trunks to score the pin. My
question is, did Ole want the belt on Starr but Crockett pulled it once
they took over the promotions? Ron Starr along with several other CWG
stars were released once Crockett took over.

Oh, and what was up with the left side of Joel Deatons chest?

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