Championship Wrestling from Georgia October 31 – November 24, 1984 (Featuring Jimmy Hart)

Ole Anderson promo (10/31/84)
Jimmy Hart confrontation with Ole Anderson (10/31/84)
The Lightning Express vs. The New York Assassins (10/31/84)
Jimmy Hart confrontation with Ronnie Garvin (10/31/84)
Wahoo McDaniel brawls with Ronnie Garvin (10/31/84)
Jimmy Hart & Wahoo McDaniel promo (10/31/84)
Masao Ito vs. Jason Walker (10/31/84)
Ox Baker promo (10/31/84)
Hollywood Blondes promo (10/31/84)
The Nightmares vs. Ted Allen & Rufus R. Jones (10/31/84)
Jimmy Hart confrontation with Thunderbolt Patterson (10/31/84)
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Terry Ellis (10/31/84)
The Louisville Sluggers vs. Ali Bey & Mike Starbuck (10/31/84)
Jerry Lawler, Jerry Oates, & Tommy Rich vs. The Hollywood Blondes & Bob Roop (10/31/84)
Bob Roop promo (10/31/84)
Brad Armstrong/Jimmy Hart confrontation (10/31/84)
The New York Assassins vs. Jim Horton & Rocky King (10/31/84)
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Jason Walker (10/31/84)
Jimmy Hart & New York Assassins promo (10/31/84)
Rufus R. Jones vs. Mike Starbuck (10/31/84)
The Nightmares vs. Italian Stallion & Mike Jackson (10/31/84)
Ox Baker promo (10/31/84)
Jerry Lawler “Jump” video (10/31/84)
Jerry Lawler promo (10/31/84)
The Hollywood Blondes vs. Roger Bond & Frank Lang (10/31/84)
Bob Roop promo (10/31/84)
National TV Title: Bob Roop (c) vs. Jerry Lawler (10/31/84)
Jimmy Valiant vs. Dale Burnett (11/14/84)
Jimmy Hart promo (11/14/84)
Jimmy Hart promo (11/14/84)
Ox Baker & Ron Slinker confrontation (11/14/84)
Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Mike Starbuck (11/14/84)

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