Championship Wrestling presented by Pro Shingle Episode #16

JULY 20, 2019: Each week, Championship Wrestling is presented by Pro Shingle – a professional roofing company. We continue the road to Red Carpet Rumble – and a huge weekend in Memphis, TN! Don’t miss a beat of the action –

ACTION includes: The Friendship Farm is back in tag team action – Gentleman Jervis & “Sweet” Robin Show! Who’s next for big, nasty WATTS? He will be in action + the debut of HYPER, as he takes on Jordan Clearwater in singles competition.

And in the MAIN EVENT – 2 of the heaviest hitters in Championship Wrestling – former United TV Champion Bateman squares off against Howdy Price’s Ranchero Rogelio!

We will also hear from Robert Baines & Royce Isaacs – they collide in our Main Event, next week!

Our next big blockbuster comes in August – RED CARPET RUMBLE. Red Carpet Rumble is a 3 weeks special that will air in full on Championship Wrestling presented by Pro Shingle.

Championship Wrestling is BACK – catch the action every Saturday at high noon on CW30 Memphis & midnight in Jackson, TN on CW39!

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