Chop’s AWA TV #17 All Star Wrestling TCS 5/26/90 Zbyszko, Nikita Koloff, Slaughter, Raschke Bishoff

Chop’s AWA TV #17 All Star Wrestling Team Challenge Series 5/26/90

Greg Gagne, Eric Bishoff & Ringside Ralph
1. High. of Larry Zbyszko & Nikita Koloff
2. Larry Zbyszko Int.
3. Baron Von Raschke & Todd Becker Int.
4. Sgt. Slaughter & Tom “Rocky” Stone Int.
5. High. of Larry Zbyszko & Jake Milliman
6. Sgt. Slaughter & Tom “Rocky” Stone vs Larry Zbyszko & Jake Milliman (captains plus battle royal (team challenge series)
7. Baron Von Raschke & Jake Milliman Int.

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