CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-April 1, 1989-Sid/Taker

This Evansville broadcast kicks off with Dirty Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter) vs. Chris Frazier, followed by a Jeff Jarrett interview from his car (includes clips of his feud with the Stud Stable), along with a local promo with Jeff Jarrett/John Paul/Tracy Smothers. The next match is Prime Time Brian Lee/Wrestling Machine #1 (Scott Steiner aka Big Poppa Pump) vs. Rough and Ready, and the Master Of Pain (Mark Calloway aka Undertaker/Punisher) vs. Rodney Napper.

Next is a Dirty Dutch Mantell/Master of Pain interview, shows recent Mid-South Coliseum footage, brings out Jerry The King Lawler and his mystery partner, Lord Humongous (Sid Eudy aka Sid Vicious/Sycho Sid). This stare down between Sid and Taker was and is pretty awesome!

Jeff Jarrett music video (Simply Irresistible)

Stud Stable (Robert Fuller/Action Jackson) vs. Jed Grundy/Jungle Jim McPherson

Local promo with the Stud Stable

(CWA Tag Title Match) Mason Dixon Connection (Tracy Smothers/John Paul) vs. Shogun (Hashimoto)/Samurai (with Tojo)

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