CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-April 12, 1986

This Evansville broadcast begins with the International Champ Billy Travis vs. The Masked Patriot and a Billy Travis interview.

Other action includes the Southern Tag Champs The MOD Squad vs. Henry Rutledge/Tojo Yamamoto (Jeff Jarrett is the ref)

Local promo with Bill Dundee

Tony Falk interview (Falk continues to call out Jeff Jarrett. Jerry Lawler challenges Falk, Falk begins to back away when he is attacked by Jeff Jarrett.)

Paul Diamond/Michael Lee vs. Tony Falk/Keith Eric (Instead of working the match, Falk remains on the mic during the entire bout, causing his partner to fend for himself. Jerry Lawler announces a Jeff Jarrett vs. Falk match for the upcoming cards.)

Bill Dundee vs. Jim Jamison

Jerry Lawler vs. Pat Rose

Local promos with Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantel

Jerry Lawler video ad

Dutch Mantel vs. Sheik Abdul Gaddafi

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