CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-April 16, 1988

This Evansville version of Championship Wrestling kicks off with highlights from Jerry The King Lawler vs. Curt Hennig (AKA Mr. Perfect) in the Mid-South Coliseum, followed by interview with Scott Levy (AKA Raven/Scotty The Body) and Missy Hyatt before his match vs. Jerry The King Lawler. Levy gets advice from Lawler after the match.

Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert VTR interview

Local Evansville promo with Jerry Lawler

Tommy Gilbert/Doug Gilbert vs. The Bruise Brothers (Don/Ron)

VTR of Larry Nelson interviewing AWA World Heavyweight Champ Curt Hennig (AKA Mr. Perfect)

Interview with Jerry Jarrett about Lawler vs. Hennig coming up on May 9

Interview with Brickhouse Brown and Brother Ernest

Maxx Payne/Gorgeous Gary Young vs. Tom Brandi/ Nightmare Ken Wayne

Interview with Kenny D and Tom Brandi

Interview with Jerry The King Lawler about his upcoming title match vs. Hennig

Interview with Tommy/Doug Gilbert/Gorgeous Gary Young; Eddie Marlin/Billy Travis/Jeff Jarrett

Cuban Assassins vs. Scott Steiner (AKA Big Poppa Pump)/Rikki Nelson

Local Evansville promo with Jerry Lawler

8 Man Tag Match-Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis/Steve Keirn/Mike Graham vs. Keith Eric/The Blue Knight/Rough and Ready

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