CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-April 18, 1987-Studio Show

This Evansville broadcast starts out with The Hunter/Bambi in an interview (Hunter claims West kissed Bambi last week and he wants revenge.), then The Hunter (with Bambi) vs. Ed Mattox, followed by Alan West vs. Red Demon. Alan West, while being interviewed, claims it was Bambi that kissed him, not the other way around.

Local promo with Paul E. Dangerly/Austin Idol (Idol has a match coming up with Lawler where a baseball bat will be legal to use.)

Downtown Bruno/Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka interview (Diamond has now joined the Downtown Connection. Diamond has split the BT Express bounty money with Pat and they are now friends.

Jeff Jarrett VTR interview (Jarrett’s sporting a neck brace here. Jeff offers a challenge, 2 on 1 handicap match, Jeff and his $5,000 vs. Tanaka/Diamond. If Jarrett wins then Travis is reinstated.)

Back from the VTR, Downtown Bruno refuses Jarrett’s offer, which brings out Jerry Lawler. Lawler offers to double the money on the offer making it $10,000. Eddie Marlin, acting as Jarrett’s grandfather rather than match maker, attempts to squash the offer but Lawler talks him into allowing it. Bruno finally accepts on behalf of his team and the match is set. Jarrett vs. Tanaka/Diamond in a 10 minute time limit. If Bruno’s team wins within 10 minutes, they get $10,000, but if Jarrett wins or lasts the full 10 minutes then Billy Travis is reinstated. Lawler announces he will be at ringside to make sure Bruno’s boys play by the rules.

Soulman Rocky Johnson/Soul Train Jones interview (They discuss being the new Southern Tag Champions)

Soulman Rocky Johnson/Soul Train Jones vs. Keith Eric/The Thunderbird

Downtown Bruno/Bubba/Goliath interview (Bruno carries a Rebel flag)

Big Bubba/Goliath (with Bruno) vs. David Haskins/Freezer Thompson

Local promo with Jerry Lawler

Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka (with Bruno) vs. David Haskins/John Paul (The heels attack Haskins after the bout.)

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