CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-April 26, 1986

This complete Evansville broadcast begins with International Champ Billy Travis vs. The Masked Patriot

The Hustler Rip Rogers interview; Rip Rogers vs. Jim Jamison

Local promo with Bill Dundee, Buddy Landel

VTR interview with Bill Dundee, Buddy Landel (They show their edited version of the recent match at the Mid-South Coliseum)

Jerry Lawler interview (Lawler’s reply to the previous interview from Bill & Buddy. Lawler sets things straight and airs footage of himself vs. Tony Falk from the Mid-South Coliseum. We then see Bill & Buddy attack Lawler at the end of the bout.)

Tony Falk interview (Announces he has taken over as manager of the Mod Squad while JD Costello is attending to his recently departed mothers estate.)

Tag Champs Mod Squad vs. Frank Morrell/David Haskins (Mod Squad and Falk bloody Morrell)

Tony Falk interview (After having his mentor Frank Morrell beaten to a pulp in the prior bout, Billy Travis attacks Falk to get some revenge. Unfortunately, Abdul Gaddafi attacks Travis and he and Falk bloody Billy as well. Dutch Mantel eventually makes the save.)

Dutch Mantel vs. The Undertaker (not to be confused with Mark Calaway, aka Texas Red, The Master of Pain, The Punisher, Mean Mark Callous, Punisher Dice Morgan, and Kane “The Undertaker”)

Local promo with Jerry Lawler, Joe Leduc, Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett/Joe LeDuc vs. Sheik Abdul Gaddafi/Pat Rose (with Tony Falk) (Falk interferes, Jerry Lawler makes the save)

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