CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-April 4, 1987-Studio Show

This Evansville studio show features Paul E. Dangerly (he is referred to as both Dangerly and Dangerously throughout the broadcast)/Lord Humongous interview (Paul E. announces that Bam Bam Bigelow is suspended for helping Lawler injure Tommy Rich in a recent tag match.)

Lord Humongous (with Dangerously) vs. Ron Nations

VTR Tommy Rich interview (Rich is in bed injured from a recent match vs. Lawler/Bigelow)

Local promo with Paul E. Dangerously/Austin Idol

Eddie Marlin/Jerry Lawler interview (Lawler explains that Bigelow was being suspended for refusing to pay the $5,000 fine, not for injuring Rich.)

VTR Bam Bam Bigelow interview (Bigelow refuses to pay the $5K fine for injuring Rich, and he tells the rules committee to kiss his —, making the 30 day suspension final.)

The Hunter (with Bambi) vs. John Paul

Downtown Bruno/Pat Tanaka interview (Bruno offers a bounty for anyone who can unmask the BT Express)

Jeff Jarrett/BT Express vs. Keith Eric/The Thunderbird

Jeff Jarrett/BT Express/Soul Train Jones interview (As they are coming out, Lance accidentally calls BT Express “Billy” before correcting himself.)

Pat Tanaka (with Bruno) vs. David Haskins (During the match, Bruno comes over to the mic as he usually does, and goes for a talking without stopping world record, only to be foiled by Lance. As he momentarily walks away, Dave and Lance agree that they’ve never heard someone talk so long without saying anything.)

Local promo with Jeff Jarrett/Jerry Lawler

The Hunter/Bambi/Downtown Bruno interview

Boy Tony/Big Bubba/Goliath (with Bruno) vs. Paul Diamond/JT Southern/Soul Train Jones

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