CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-April 5, 1986 (The Bill and Buddy Show!)

GShea posted the Bill & Buddy Show clips about 4 years ago, but I’m posting the entire Evansville show here so you can see the full context of the events that took place.

The show starts with a short Eddie Marlin interview (Marlin apologizes to Lance Russell on behalf of the CWA for Bill Dundee’s actions the week before. They show a clip of Dundee slapping Russell from the March 29 Evansville broadcast.)

Memphis Vice interview; Memphis Vice (Lou Winston/Jerry Bryant) vs. Jim Jamison/Keith Eric

Billy Travis interview (Travis talks about recently capturing the International Title from Sheik Abdul Gaddafi when he is attacked by Gaddafi.)

Local promos with Bill Dundee, Buddy Landel

Bill Dundee, Buddy Landel interview (Debut of the “BILL & BUDDY SHOW”)

Joe LeDuc vs. Benny Trailer/Jerry Garmen (Handicap Match); Bill & Buddy interview Joe LeDuc

Jerry Lawler video ad (Bill & Buddy pretend to be put to sleep by Lawler’s video)

Jerry Lawler/Dutch Mantel vs. Pat Rose/Bill Rose (Lawler and Mantel leave the match, return with chairs, and destroy the “Bill & Buddy Show” set, leading to a studio brawl.)

Tag Champs The MOD Squad vs. Henry Rutledge/David Johnson (Rutledge gets destroyed here); JD Costello, MOD Squad interview

Local promos with Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantel

Tony Falk interview; Paul Diamond/Michael Lee vs. Tony Falk/The Masked Patriot

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