CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-April 8, 1989-Taker wins Unified Title

Another big day of Championship Wrestling takes off with a Jeff Jarrett music video featuring FM 100 and DJ Ron Olson, followed by the Mason Dixon Connection (Tracy Smothers/John Paul)/Jeff Jarrett vs. Keith Eric/The Hangman/The Executioner, along with a Jed Grundy interview, and a local promo with Jeff Jarrett/John Paul/Tracy Smothers.

Next is a Stud Stable interview, followed by a handicap match featuring Humongous (Sid Eudy aka Sycho Sid Vicious) vs. David Elder/Alan Yates/Derek Heenan, and a Jeff Jarrett/Mason Dixon Connection interview.

Next up is another Stud Stable interview, which is interrupted by Jerry The King Lawler and Eddie Marlin who say that Ronnie P. Gossett IV hasn’t been hired by the station or the promotion and has no business in the studio.

What follows is a USWA Unified World Title match featuring Jerry The King Lawler vs. The Master Of Pain (Mark Calloway aka The Undertaker), followed by a local promo with the Master of Pain and Ronnie P. Gossett IV, and a Jerry The King Lawler interview.

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