CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-April 9, 1988

Back with another big Evansville broadcast of Championship Wrestling! Action begins with Tom Brandi vs. Keith Eric, highlights from the Mid-South Coliseum of Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert (with Missy Hyatt) vs. Jerry The King Lawler, followed by an interview with Lawler just before his match vs. Tommy Punk. Next is a Madmen, Maniacs and Lunatics Video ad, and an interview with Eddie Marlin, who is attacked and bloodied by Doug/Tommy Gilbert.

Interview with Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis

Mighty Yankees vs. Doug Dancing/Alan Reynolds

Interview with Pat Tanaka (shows off AWA World Tag Team Title belt)

Cuban Assassins vs. Freezer Thompson/Ken Raper

Renegades Rampage Trivia Contest

Scott Steiner/Bruise Brothers (Ron/Don)vs. Maxx Payne/Gorgeous Gary Young/Brickhouse Brown (with Brother Ernest)

Quiet Time with Brother Ernest Angel

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