CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling-August 15, 1987

This week’s studio show begins with highlights from the August 3, 1987 Mid-South Coliseum steel cage match between Jerry The King Lawler/Rocky Soulman Johnson vs. Brickhouse Brown(The Prince)/Don Bass. Brown pays Big Bubba $5,000 to help his team win. Once Bubba helps Bass/Brown win the match and joins the Commission, the winner of the fall, Don Bass, is named the new Southern Champ.)

Jerry Lawler interview (Lawler shows off his hit list consisting of “Big Blubber”, Don “bASS” and “Brickwheat” Brown.)

Local promo with George Barnes (Barnes has it out for his former friend Dundee)/Brickhouse Brown/Bubba/Bruno

Brickhouse Brown/The Commission interview (Bruno is out first in a jester costume, followed by Brickhouse who is carried on a throne by Goliath/Tanaka/Diamond. Don Bass is also present. Goliath actually speaks after nearly a year! Brown then brings out the newest member of the Commision, “King” Carl Fergie. Brown claims Fergie is real royalty as opposed to Lawler. Out last is “Superstar” Bubba, who comes out breakdancing in a multicolor singlet.

Soulman Rocky Johnson interview

Soulman Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Roberson

Jerry Lawler video

Nasty Boys (Knobs/Sags) vs. Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis (Tanaka/Diamond attempt to attack Jarrett/Travis. This upsets the Nasty’s who attack Diamond/Tanaka for interfering in their match.)

Nasty Boys interview (The Nasty’s say no more Mr. Nice Guy after Tanaka/Diamond cost them a match against Jarrett/Travis.)

Local promos with Jarrett/Travis (Jarrett wears a neckbrace from damages at the hands of Diamond/Tanaka in Louisville.)/Bill Dundee/VTR interview with Jerry Lawler

Southern Tag Champions Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka (Moondog Spike is referee. Title match from Jackson, TN on 8-2-87)

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis vs. Rough and Ready (with Boss Winters)

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